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Time to x-ray your feet

Marmer’s in Price Hill is the go-to place for shoe outfitting. It’s either the season for summer wear or time for a school reboot, the time to see how well a new shoe could accommodate foot bones.


And climbing up onto an x-ray machine (fluoroscope) is one efficient method for bringing superman-quality tools to the task. On the top there’s a Viewmaster kind of thing to block extraneous light from the side, allowing you to more clearly view potential fit problems before purchase.

Yes, it's Buster Brown and his dog Tige
Yes, it’s Buster Brown and his dog Tige

The green things you could see were the many bones of the human foot, the shades of gray between the foot edges and the shoe leather represents the negotiating room available on the inside of the shoe. So, bone green, skin and muscle light gray, maneuvering room dark gray. Judge before you buy.

On the way home don’t forget not to latch the nonexistent seat belts in the car. Drive carefully to avoid contact between skull and windshield.

Looks like they're going to Coney Island.
Looks like they’re going to Coney Island.

Don’t want to reenact Signal 30 or Blood on the Highway while proceeding from the Price Hill to the Delhi Hill. Experience that while viewing those prom-night mishaps on the road. I watched my first drink, drive and die film in the church undercroft (Catholic-speak for basement. Also defined as a crypt it seems). Firemen pulled a human-shaped cinder from a burning wreck. The cinder was white and gray, kind of like the space between footbone and shoe leather.

Well this is actually Brevet MI as archived by Google but I like its tone.
Well this is actually Brevort MI as archived by Google but I like its tone. Editor’s license.

Once on the way to Michigan and its Lake of the Houghton a somewhat infant-aged Claire sat on Mom’s lap. The car had achieved cruising speed on US 27 when a physics experiment happened. The passenger door might have been a bit ajar. Upon leaning slightly against said door said door proceeded to open slightly in kind. The aerodynamics of the vehicle were disturbed when the atmosphere in the car mixed with the atmosphere outside the car. The experiment was brief but startling. Mom and Claire returned to an upright position, the door yanked suddenly shut. The trip continued. Mother and daughter could then continue existence and live to play other roles in 315glenroy.wordpress.com.


Phyllis and Saul Marmer.