First Job: 1965 — Steampunked


Well, it’s time to steampunk the time machine again. The one over there. The one in the corner. That’s mine.

Yes. The time has arrived to set its calendar function to a May day in North America — its 1,965th iterations of C.E or A.D. (your choice). My machine, its vacuum tubes warm to the challenge. I click the counter to 2000 + 17. Dial needles slowly sway forward as the tubes warm. I click the destination counter to 1900 + 65.

steampunk.knapsackWas it…

OK it was McDonalds. My parents dropped me off so I could put in an application while they did journey upon an errand. I shall never disclose the nature of their journey-called-errand because both joined the deceased quite some years before I started writing this account you now read, that is, unless you have already departed from this post.

Dear readers, we are now in that…

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2 thoughts on “First Job: 1965 — Steampunked

  1. Well hang now, hang on, now, hang on. You have a second blog Bill! I don’t manage to get to the first one often enough! Hahahaha, that won’t stop me following and popping over every now and again mind you. I’m pleased to see you have one with extra bits and bobs going on. Are you hiding any more of them?!

    -Esme seeing two of everything and falling about upon the Cloud

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  2. Hi Esme 🙂
    Thanks so very much, Esme, for stopping by 315 Glenroy Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45238. By curious circumstance, the abode we presently call home is nearly the same distance from the very center of downtown Cincinnati: about 7 miles (11 kilometers), but in Kentucky rather than Ohio. As the subtitle reveals, my father bought the two-bedroom house in 1952 and lived there until a short time before his passing this plane. Four of us lived in the two bedrooms fashioned in the attic. Hey, it got a little warm in the summer in those 1950’s. We slept out in the backyard under the stars as often as possible. I actually took about a dozen photographs in 1961, a time capsule that I shall now develop in the very next post on 315Glenroy. Look for it real soon now.
    Still can’t find proper vacuum tubes for my apocryphal time machine, but will keep on looking. By the way, the actual house is still there 🙂

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